Directed By:
Michael Rymer

Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer and Michael Hogan

Not Rated
Genre: Sci-Fi (Aledgedley)
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Mild Lanuage, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content


Deep within space the human's greatest creation has become alive. After a century old war the Cylons have come to make peace, but the truth is it's a trap, lead by a humanoid Cylon named Number 6 with information she tricked out of Baltar.

Now most of the humans are dead and they are on a mission to escape the Cylons and find the Earth.


What a disaster! They didn't want it too sci-fish, but it's okay to be a SOAP OPERA!That' right, a bloody soap opera, what the hell were they thinking? Let's do the check list of what they did right with this Galactica remake, I can count that on one hand. Better effects and cooler Cylons. That's it! What's with this Politically Correct B.S.? I'm all for having female pilots. But why make major changes on key characters, I mean Adama was Spanish, Starbuck wasn't a woman and Boomer was a African American Male, not a Asian American Female. That's one, two killing off Boomer for a Cylon replacement. Then she falls for a human and has a baby, how much of soap opera do you call that? Next, the Cylons were created by a race of alien reptiles which they turned on and made extinct. Like they want to do to us. Did want to be too sci-fi-ish? Did they watch the original show, it was a science fiction. It's suppose to be a science fiction! Now let's talk about the bullets. Lasers are sci-fi anymore, they actually exist! Plus, it's not sci-fi about laser battles in space, it's science fact that a bullet would not work in a area of non-gravity, like SPACE! So, having a space battle with bullets makes no sense what so ever. If you got hooked on this crapper then stop watching it. Go cold turkey and realize that the show is a turkey. I give Bastardised Galactica...THE NOOSE!



I couldn't agree more, speaking as a fan of the classic and still the best version I'd like to say this, what the hell are you people thinking? Why is this dung pile still on the air, the orignal died after two years, and it wasn't because of rating, it was because it was money. This may have good effects and excellent acting. But look at it for what it is, a soap opera. One of the sponsers was a hand soap. So it is litterily a soap opera. This isn't art, it isn't cool, it blows and it makes me want to blow just thinking about it. Remember what I said. I give this steaming dog turd the NOOSE as well.



+ EFFECTS (The CGI and Cylon effects are kind of cool.)
+ ACTING (There are some good acting in this.)


- PC (What's with the PC, if they wanted a female pilot, they had one. Her name was Sheeba.)
- CODE-NAMES (What is this Battlestar Galactica or Wing Commander. Starbuck and Apollo were they're names!)
- BULLETS IN SPACE (Bullets are bad enough, but bullets can't work in space. That's not science fiction, that's science fact!)
- CYLON BACKSTORY (The Cylons were created by aliens, not man.)
- SOAP OPERA (The story has turned into a freakin' soap opera.)
- NO ALIENS (Just because science doesn't admit about aliens don't mean they don't exist. Besides, the whole earthlings decended from space humans is something else science refuses to believe.)
- TIME (What happened to Centons and Yars?)


- FAN BASED (If you are a fan of the classic Galactica, then avoid this remake like it's the bloody plague.)